Greensboro North Carolina Towing & Recovery Services

AWI Towing & Recovery LLC is equipped to give you the fastest and most reliable assistance in your time of need.

  • Accidents
  • Breakdowns
  • Jump Starts
  • Lock Out Service
  • Dolly Service
  • Motor clubs
  • Classic Cars
  • Exotic Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Travel Trailers
  • Equipment
  • Dealerships

   -Collision Center

   -Service Department

Emergency Roadside Services

We've all been there. You have an unexpected breakdown and you're not certain how to get back on the road. When this happens, help is just a short phone call away.


At AWI Towing & Recovery LLC we go the extra mile to ensure your situation is remedied as quickly as possible. From something as simple jumping your battery, lock out service to towing your vehicle to the nearest repair shop, AWI can help. 


 Parking Lot Management Services

Do you own or manage a private parking lot and have problems with unauthorized, illegally parked or abandoned vehicles? Are there fire lane violations or tenants complaining of cars parked in their assigned spots?


We are able to work with you and law enforcement to offer you customized solutions and help you manage and enforce your parking guidelines. You establish the rules, and we perform the service for you.

Tow Away Zone Signage

Our complimentary Parking Management Contract services include:

  • Tow Away Signs which are in full compliance with regulations and installed and maintained at NO COST TO YOU.
  • Digital photo documentation of every parking violation.
  • Prompt removal of vehicles blocking fire lanes/ garbage dumpsters / garages / no parking zones.
  • Removal of cars parked in spots reserved for the disabled without proper placard.
  • Removal of unauthorized, inoperable and abandoned vehicles.

*All tows must be initiated by designated user listed on tow agreement.

To request for a tow agreement, please email [email protected]


Towing companies are often hired by law enforcement agencies that need help impounding and towing vehicles. However, it is essential for police departments to hand over these tasks to a reliable towing company, one that can handle the work safely and mitigate any complaints that may come from those having their vehicles towed. AWI Towing & Recovery LLC, we are committed to providing our safe, reliable, and efficient police towing services to Local Law Enforcement in Greensboro North Carolina and the surrounding metro areas.